“Baby, If You Don’t Like My Peaches, Why Do You Shake My Tree?”

 Life without Love, is like a Tree without Blossoms or Fruit ~ Khalil Gibron

Peach 3
Pluck a peach

First Fruit of the Season

There is something so abundantly satisfying and enjoyable in picking fresh fruit right off of the tree. Maybe it is because fruit trees take less attentive care than some of our other crops and so it almost seems like the fruit magically appeared; or perhaps pulling lush fruit off of a branch echoes inside our collective consciousness and reminds us of a garden long past.

Peach 2

Harvesting is Happiness

The eye-catching fruit is hanging heavily on the peach tree as each fruit grows more plump and enticing. In the past few weeks the many small, hard green fruits have turned a luscious golden color with a blushing of red. With a simple twist, the ripe peach is plucked from the branch.

While there are still many more fruits on the tree that have yet to ripen, we have harvested our first-ever crop of peaches! The bird-netting has provided adequate protection from the many hungry birds in the area, so we were able to salvage a lot of the fruit.

Peach 1
Beautiful bounty



Fitzgerald, Ella. St. Louis Blues. Verve, 1958. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyWMD8ljans

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