Busy Bees Building Brood

The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It – Abraham Lincoln
bees 7.5 5
Two weeks after adding the top box

Checking In

It has been a little over two weeks since we added the third box to our bee hive, so we thought we would take a look and see how much progress they are making. I put on my veil, lit up the smoker and peeled back the lid on our happy little hive.
bees 7.5 6
Smoking the hive

Sticky Icky

One of the things that we have noticed as the season has progressed is how the bees are so industrious in sealing up all the tiny gaps in their hive. It has gotten progressively more sticky with each passing week, especially in the space between the lid and the box. So using a hive tool is absolutely necessary to opening up the hive. I also employed a butter knife for a little extra leverage.
bees 7.5 4
Using the hive tool to pry out a frame for observation

Busy Bees

We were delighted to see the large number of honeybees who were in the top box when we peeled off the inner cover. As I pried one of the frames out, I had to use extra care to release the frame from the sticky substance without disrupting our little friends too severely. It was clear that the bees were hard at work making honey comb in their new box.
Bees 7.5
Busy Bees doing their thing!

Creating their Future

If you look closely at the bottom right section of this frame, you can see a white substance being built on top of the yellow frame – this is the honey comb. They are currently building comb on about 30% of the frames in the top box. The bright white color of the comb is fascinating to observe. Soon these white combs will be filled with honey and baby bees. I find the honeybee’s industriousness and drive to build their home very inspiring. They work tirelessly, and with purpose to provide food, water and shelter for the hive, and spend all their remaining energy on caring for the next generation. They create and build their future everyday by fulfilling their mission to the hive – all for one and one for all!
 bees 7.5 3

Honey comb being built


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