Spring is Near

Ah, who will tell me, in these leaden days,
Why the sweet Spring delays,
And where she hides, — the dear desire
Of every heart that longs
For bloom, and fragrance, and the ruby fire
Of maple-buds along the misty hills,
And that immortal call which fills
The waiting wood with songs?
The snow-drops came so long ago,
It seemed that Spring was near!


Spring has technically arrived according to the calendar, but the warm weather still eludes us in the northeast. It is chilly days like this that I am especially thankful that we have a greenhouse in our backyard. The daytime temperatures inside the greenhouse are at least 30 degrees warmer on a sunny day than the actual outside temperature. This makes it an ideal place for plants to get a healthy dose of the sun’s life-giving rays. Our little tomato and pepper plants are not so little anymore, and they have outgrown their place underneath the artificial lights. And after a certain stage, there is really no substitution for real sunlight. While we are still caring for our latest round of tiny seedlings in the indoor nursery, we have been staging the first round of tomatoes and peppers in the greenhouse during the day, and bringing them back in at night to protect them from the frost. They have benefited tremendously from the warm greenhouse temperatures and the UV rays! They look better than most starts you see in the big box home-improvement stores! Now we wait for the weather to break and the danger of frost to pass so we can get these babies in the ground!

20150319_181101 (2)
Soaking up the Lovely Sun!
20150316_170337 (2)
Getting a few extra minutes of sunlight on a warm-ish afternoon before bringing them in for the night



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One thought on “Spring is Near

  1. Janie McAndress says:

    Those babies are almost not babies anymore due to your love and care. Cant wait to bite into one of those delectably delicious tomatoes.


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