A Midwinter’s Night Dream – Spring Stirs Us from Our Slumber

GHG blog Pi 1

It may be 15 degrees outside, but I’ve got spring fever!

It is this pepper’s first debut to the outside world. In a few weeks this little guy will be transplanted into the properly thawed and prepared greenhouse with its siblings. This is one of the more than 80 pepper seedlings that we have growing in our seed nursery under T5 florescent lights.

We started our first round of seeds in peat soil pellets about six weeks ago, at the beginning of January, in hopes of an early and abundant harvest. Currently neighboring the mixture of hot and mild/salad peppers inside the nursery are: 64 Pink Brandywine tomatoes, and upwards of 60 Diamond and Malaysian Dark Red eggplants. We will be starting our next round of seeds within the next two weeks which will include 3-4 more tomato varieties.

Amid the cold and windy days of winter, it is the farm prep chores that get me excited for the warm weather of spring. On the docket we have many tasks ahead of us for 2015, such as seed planting & transplanting, soil & bed preparation, drip irrigation installation, potato planting, and an adventure into beekeeping! Stay tuned!

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